History, presentations and recollections about Family Tauriainen

Page 1 / Page 2 - (Research of Aarne J. Kyllönen) - In Finnish

Rantapohja - (Magazine article) - In Finnish

Family Tauriainen - (Story told by Pauli Tauriainen) - In Finnish

Evakkotie - ("Evakkotie" by Martti Tauriainen) - In Finnish

Kertomus - (Oulusta Buffaloon ja Alaskaan) - In Finnish

Family History - (...by Juhani Tauriainen) - In English

News from America - (Magazine articles from 1975) - In Finnish

Tauriainen Centennial - (Magazine article) - In English

Brief history of family Tauriainen - (The early history of family Tauriainen) - In Finnish

About 2013 family reunion - (Juhani Tauriainen reminiscing the 2013 family reunion in Ukkohalla) - In Finnish

Family Tauriainen in Kuusamo - (Travelogue by Helena Palosaari from 2016 family reunion) - In Finnish

Kaarlo Tauriainen - Artist - (Presentation about artist Kaarlo Tauriainen by Pekka Hynninen - Family reunion 2016) - In Finnish

Planting the Family tree - (Forewords for planting the Family tree by Juhani Tauriainen - Family reunion 2016) - In Finnish

Paanajärven Leppälä - (Presentation about the book "Paanajärven Leppälä" by Hilkka Toivonen - Family reunion 2016) - In Finnish

Traces of family Tauriainen - (Traces of family Tauriainen in the population history of Central Europe, Koillismaa and Kainuu - Presentation by Juhani Tauriainen at the family reunion 2016) - In Finnish

Family memories - (Childhood memories from the final years of Continuation War at Pesonvaara - Presentation by Erkki Tauriainen at the family reunion 2016) - In Finnish


The deadline for family reunion sign up has been moved to June 12th!

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Sign up for the family reunion before June 2016

Additional information about the 2016 family reunion in Kuusamo has been added to the site.

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Premliminary programme for 2016 family reunion

The preliminary programme for 2016 Tauriainen family reunion in Kuusamo has been released.

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