Reunions Suomussalmi 2023

Tauriainen family reunion in the summer of 2023 in Suomussalmi

Next summer we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our family club in Kainuu – Suomussalmi. The party is timed to the atmosphere of midsummer on the weekend of July 8-9.

The party starts already on Friday evening, when it would be possible for us to organize a cruise on the Kianta ship on the beautiful Kianta lake.

The family reunion starts on Saturday morning, when there is a guided tour through the roots of our family. Destinations to explore are e.g. Suomussalmi-Ämmansaari, Peranka and Pisto. We also hear interesting stories about the phases of our family.

In the afternoon, we move to the atmospheric Old Kurimo, where the stages of our family are presented in different forms – in books, stories, pictures around 6 pm. There is also the opportunity to go outside and relax. The celebratory dinner will be held at Vanhan Kurimo’s restaurant on Saturday evening from around 19:00 and it will be a nice and musical evening and a wonderful dinner.

On Sunday, there is a service at Ämmansaari church. After that, we will hold our family’s 50th anniversary meeting, followed by lunch and coffee in the parish hall next to the church.

Welcome and reserve the summer days in July for the family celebration in your calendar now!

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