Terms of use & Privacy policy

Terms of use & Privacy policy

About using this site

By using this site, you agree to the terms mentioned here. Page owner has the right to change terms of use without any notification.

Current Terms of use & Privacy policy has been published 27.1.2022

Copyright and other immaterial rights

The visual look and all the published material on site (for example images, texts and videos) are protected by copyright laws. Tauriaisensuku.fi holds the rights to all the material published on the site.


We use cookies on this site to gain the best user experience. Cookies are information, that the server of the service provider sends to the users browser. This information is saved at the browser of the user, and might be requested back later by the server of the service provider. By using cookies we are not collecting any personal information about the user. The information collected is only about the use of site.

You can choose to accept or discard cookies. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can change your browser settings to discard cookies if you choose so. Discarding cookies might effect negatively on how the site works.

User tracking

We use third-party (Google Analytics) service to follow sites user amounts and actions. We do not collect names, IP-addresses and other private information about the user.

What we collect anonymously:

  • Country where the site is being used from
  • Session length
  • Resolution of the browser
  • Pages visited during session
  • Time of day, when the site is visited

If you wish to block Google Analytics tracking on this site, press the link below. We hope you keep the tracking on to help us improve the site by using user data.

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Contact details

When it comes to matters of family Tauriainen as an organization, contacts should be made towards the current board members. List of board members can be found here.

Matters of site functionality and maintenance can be addressed to the site admin Ilkka Tauriainen by sending an email to contact(at)iltaworks.com.